Expertise Symposium II: The Artistry of Teaching

Ways of Thinking & Practising in the Disciplines

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Expertise in Teaching in Higher Education

Developing Expertise in Teaching in Higher Education: a guide for busy academics

Workshop Resources

Expertise, Student-Centred Learning, & the 3 Circles of Presence
SEDA Conference, June 2021 [PowerPoint 1.95Mb]

Developing Expertise for Teaching in Higher Education
St Mary’s University Festival of Teaching & Learning Keynote, June 2021 [PowerPoint 5.26Mb]

Celebrating Together, Learning Together: sharing the laughter, tears and our learning as teachers
Limerick Regional Learning & Teaching Conference, May 2021 [PowerPoint 6Mb]

Excellence Reimagined: Expertise in Teaching in Higher Education
University of Queensland, Teaching & Learning Reimagined, Nov 2020 [PowerPoint 6.39Mb]

Expertise in Teaching in Higher Education
University of Leicester PEERS Celebration workshop 23-03-2020 [PowerPoint 1.13Mb]

Professional Development: reframing the paradigm
SEDA Conference workshop 14-11-19 [PowerPoint 758kB]

Expertise in Teaching in Higher Education
Scottish Higher Education Developers (SHED) workshop 01-11-19 [PowerPoint 1.28Mb]

Fostering a Culture of Learning about Teaching: ideas from research on expertise:
Helen King ISSOTL October 2018 [PowerPoint 712kb]

Expert Learning as a model for teachers’ professional development in higher education : SEDA Webinar Slides 15-03-18 [pdf  1.82Mb]

Expertise as a Model for Professional Learning in Higher Education: Centre for Recording Achievement webinar 30-01-18 [YouTube video]

Surpassing Others or Surpassing Ourselves? Exploring the Concept of Expertise in Higher Education: SEDA Keynote Presentation 12-05-17 [pdf 944kB]

Expertise in teaching in higher education: a better definition for characterising excellence in the disciplines? IFNTF Presentation 17-02-17 [pdf 754kB]