Hi! I’m an academic developer – passionate about supporting staff in their professional development and working with staff and students to enhance learning & teaching in higher education. I’m also an off-road (mostly) runner with the Town & Country Harriers; Girl Guide leader; musician (currently a fledgling banjo player); and much more!

Welcome to my site for sharing ideas and resources on academic development! With over 20 years’ experience of academic development institutionally, nationally (UK) and internationally I still have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for my role in higher education. I’ve created this website to share this more widely and to act as a repository for ideas and resources on the main areas of my research and practice in academic development.

My current research interest is in applying the concept of ‘expertise’ to academic practice (as a more dynamic and meaningful concept than ‘excellence’). I’m also always keen to chat about ways of thinking & practising in the disciplines, and dissemination of educational developments & innovations.